B Titties – Not!


I am not a practitioner of any kind of analysis of the mind or such. However, I am aware of the insecurities that plague a lot of people. In this particular picture, I see three very beautiful smiling, young females baring their titties for us. I cannot guess what they are actually thinking, but I can assume that they have compared themselves to models, movie stars and possibly porn actresses and decided that their titties came out somewhat Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!


Well. I have a new book out there on Amazon. It is called In the Eye of the Beholder. I guess it is obvious from some of my posts that I am a hetero male, which is why there are more female images sprinkled throughout my work. I do write some parts from the female perspective and I hope that I got them right. Anyway, the new book can be found on my Amazon Author Page.

To celebrate the new release, Llime Works Press is giving away free eBook copies of A Closer Look  my first collection of erotica. Click on one of the above two links to get to the download. The download is totally free with no strings of any kind attached. This promotion will end at midnight on the 31st day of December 2017.


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In the Eye of the Beholder

look-frontMy second collection of erotica is now available from my amazon author page. Once again there will be exotic erotic, fantastic, sci-fi and other-worldly stories to titillate your imagination. To celebrate this release, Llime Works Press is giving away  copies of m first collection A Closer Look in e-book formats. You can get your copy here: FREE e-book 

There are no strings attached, no need to fill in anything. Just pick your format and download.

I will of course appreciate a short review, or at least a couple of lines about your thoughts. You may add them here as comments.

If you have an Amazon account and have previously purchased anything from them, you can also go to my book page and write a review over there as well.

BTW – if you need an eBook reader / editor for your PC, Mac or Linux computer Calibre is a free and very good one. Download here (from the originators https://calibre-ebook.com/download . Always try to find the authors of the software. Other sites will sometimes bundle all sorts of extra crap.

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I’m Moving


A while ago, I have been told that I could start a brand channel on YouTube. Finally got around to it and I am slowly moving my videos into this channel:

Llime Works Press

It is going to take a while, but hopefully, people on FB , Twitter, G+ and other social sites will take notice. It would be great if I could get 100 subscribers, so that I can get a shorter, custom URL. But, whatever may come and whatever may be, I will still be me. Hope someone out there likes my music and/or my stories. Please subscribe – it would be a sign that I should keep writing.

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Apple Galette

Apple Galette.jpg

For desert I baked an Apple Galette. First time – came out great but stuck to the foil a bit. I need to change stuff for the next one.


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Salad Days


Trinidad meets Italy. and the Middle East. Clockwise from front left: green apple/cucumber chow, tomato/mozzarella/basil salad, mango chow and hummus.

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P is for Pussy

This was more than one year ago. I posted it on my own private blog that is view-able by invitation only. I did like this guy, so I thought perhaps I should re-post this item on one of my open blogs – so here it is.

On January 17, 2016 Clarence “Blowfly” Reid passed away. Not sure what’s up this January. We’ve lost a lot of great artists and some that may not have been quite that great, but were more famous. Blowfly was my kind of rapper – most of his stuff  was loaded with explicit sexual imagery.

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