27.6 Miles

Fire Island-signI think a new post about my walk might be in order. I have wanted to walk the New York marathon for quite a while now. I eventually found out that there is a drawing and I might not even get in. And so I had decided to create my own. I decided to walk to Jones Beach because strangely enough, I had never been there. Secretly I was of course hoping that I would hit on some nude beach in spite of what I read. The sign pictured above is supposed to have stood at the entrance to the Lighthouse Beach on Fire Island. I went to Google maps and Google told me that there is no way to walk there. It had also told me previously that there is no way to get to Rockaway Point and yet I have walked there (along the beach from Riis Park.)

So I started walking this morning in the general direction. When I got to where Sunrise Highway splits in two, I decided to take the right fork, Scranton Avenue. On the way I asked a service guy who was packing up his tools, for directions. He also told me that there is no was to get Jones Beach. But perhaps if I went to Long Beach I might be able to walk to Jones Beach from there. Also that was very, very long walk. A bit later I asked a mail delivery woman and she told me that I was crazy. I told her that I had just walked over from Woodhaven Blvd. and she told that then I was double crazy. They both agreed that Scranton was the way to Long Beach so there I went. There were some other funny adventures that I will write about later on, but I got to the beach at 4 pm. I sat down, on a bench on the boardwalk, very disappointed. It was not very likely that I had walked 26 miles in just 7 1/2 hours. I decided that I will do it again another day and that all I wanted was some oysters on the half shell. My muscles were in pain and I was developing a blister on my right heel, but I would not be denied. I set off in search of a raw bar. My reward was going to be oysters no matter what! I passed right by the LIRR station and was very tempted to just call the whole thing off. Nut I guess I’ve always been a stubborn boy who had grown into a stubborn man. On I went. I had a drink in a place that was serving seafood but not oysters and I kept on walking. I’m gonna sum this up by saying that my estimates were a little bit off. During this entire time, I had not thought to check the Samsung Gear wrist device that my niece Raya Leefmans had given to me as a present. Lo and behold the pedometer also keeps track of miles. When I looked at it at home I was overjoyed to see that the total distance that I had walked today was 27.6 miles (44.4 km.)

So there – my own Marathon is longer than the traditional one.

Saturday – June 11, 2016


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