Barclays Center, Coney Island & Home

2016-06-15 17.44.22I got home after 11:30 last night and I was quite beat. I had forgotten to re-charge my Samsung gear so it died after telling me that I walked 10 miles. That was the late morning walk to Barclays Center in Brooklyn. There is a Guitar Center across the street and I got an Ernie Ball battery operated string winder for free (they send me $20 coupons once in a while.) That walk included all the running around that mall and getting to the subway. I took the train to Coney Island where I resumed my walk. I considered walking, but there are some areas that I did not want to walk through in the dark. Anyway, I took in a performance of the Coney Island Sideshow washing it down with a bottle of Coney Island IPA from their bar, which was great, had a Nathan’s hot dog and went on to the beach. My original plan was to walk west and around to Cropsey Avenue and back to beach, where I would then walk East. I changed that because it was already 5 pm. I walked East until the boardwalk ended when I went to the actual beach and tried to continue only to run into a jetty made of huge rocks. I climbed over them but then I reached an impassible point that had a fence running into the water and a sign that said Private Property. I am not sure that is entirely legal. I asked some park rangers and they were not sure either but they told me the west end of the beach was also blocked so I was happy I didn’t go that way. The blocked beach was of course in the Manhattan Beach community. I walked out to the street and kept going East. I eventually found out that there is a public beach. It was a very nice one with clean toilets that had toilet paper, soap and fast speed driers. Walking further on the boardwalk I came to another closed beach area. Walked back to the street and kept going. I ended up in the campus of the Kingsboro Community College, The place was huge! I walked through the campus until I reached the waterfront and followed that around until I got out of the college and then on further west to Essex Street where there is a pedestrian bridge across that canal. I resumed my eastward walk on Emmons Avenue. Lots of restaurants and Cafes – I picked Falada for my oysters. I sat at the bar and had a Couvoisier VSOP. The bartender asked if I wanted something to wash it down and considering that I was on a long walk I said sure I’ll have some seltzer, The owner or manager was standing behind the bar and though he spoke to her in Russian I could tell that he was telling her to get me to have a Perrier instead. I had 8 oysters that where delicious and washed them down with a Spaten draft. The thing is, the oysters came from next door, apparently the Signature and the Falada had the same owner. The Signature had no bar which is why I was next door. But, the Signature menu (outside) said oysters $2.25. When the check came, I was charged $2.75 as well as $3.75 for a Seltzer which is usually complementary with a Cognac. As a matter of fact, their computer did not have an entry for Seltzer, so it was listed as Sprite. I highly recommend that everyone STAY AWAY from the Falada.
To be continued …

Part Two of FB post:

2016-06-15 19.16.20

… continuation:
Doesn’t seem like anyone noticed my previous post, but I will continue just for the sake of continuity. I am also keeping a marathon journal, so this will go in there. I got out of the Falada and kept on walking. At that point it was getting late and I knew that I couldn’t make it home before dark. I decided to walk it anyway. So I ended up walking on the Belt Parkway foot and bike trail in the dark for a couple of hours. Obviously, I made it home eventually. By the time I got to Howard Beach I had to make a decision and the bus won. I was really tired and aching so I walked to Crossbay Boulevard where I took the bus to Jamaica Avenue after which I had only a six block walk home. My final walking total for the day was 26 miles, which is another Marathon. Worked for me. Just like the last time I got back home in under 12 hours. That, of course, included a lot of stops.

Wednesday – June 15, 2016


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