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 For those who wonder about my header image, it is a picture of some Femen members proclaiming their independence. The Femen movement is quite militant about their causes, and I find difficult to disapprove of naked and semi-naked women. The flower garlands and ribbons that they are donning once in a while are accentuating the beauty of their nakedness.  I consider myself a staunch supporter of the feminist movement, even though some of them would like to place limitations on sexuality. Let me start with a statement: I do not believe that women are equal to men. I consider them to be our superiors. In my philosophy, equality does not exist. Equal opportunity however, is a different thing, and everyone in the world should be entitled to it. However The world is whatever it is nut we should always strive to make it better and I approve of the Femen causes that I know about. That said, the spectacle of bare tits and sometimes crotches in the streets, cannot fail to move me in certain directions that involve thinking about sex.  And last but hopefully not least, I just need to add that I used the Femen party in one of my novels.  I am actually quite pleased with the way that chapter turned out and I find it hilarious, and quite possible, every time I re-read it – it is high circus with topless women rioting in the streets.  Click here: Neptune Riots to read an excerpt of that chapter.


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  1. The Llime says:

    Got in trouble with Facebook over this one. Sometimes I wonder what’s up with them. I get smutty and misleading posts that are not welcome, all the time. Mine is not about smut, but rather about a militant feminist movement. Also, I had no problem tweeting about it. Twitter just wants me to let them know that I might be posting things that may be inappropriate for children.


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