Make Love not War

God.jpgGod is sexless according to scripture – why do I get all pictures of males when I google it?

Most atheists are just another class of believers. They are ignoring the fact that the physical existence of God is immaterial. Whether a physical God exists or not is not at all important. However, the impact and effect of this God is terrifyingly real. So, I am an Anti-theist. I guess I might belong to a minority (statistics do not really matter.) My people, and I include atheists and agnostics in that loose aggregation, have been and in some places are still persecuted by the religious organizations in power. Millions of my spiritual ancestors have been brutally and most of the time publicly tortured and executed. In spite of that, I do not hate religion. I believe that hatred is counter-productive. I do however feel that my people are engaged in a war against religion. Very unlikely that we will win in my lifetime, but I feel that a future in which the current world religions join the other obsolete beliefs in the world’s mythological fairy tales, is inevitable. Granted, something along the lines of Scientology might replace them, which wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t controlled by  power hungry lunatics. I wish I could live in a country in which religious institutions were taxed just like any others – a country in which religious people were not exempt form their military duty if it was deemed necessary. Sadly, I am a citizen of a country that claims religion does not belong in a classroom, nor in government but it exempts religious organization from taxation and it teaches our children to pledge allegiance  to one nation under God. I am also a citizen of another country in which everyone gets drafted unless they declare their allegiance to God.

Still, after having said all of that, I cannot fail to admire the impact religion has had on the arts. The Iliad and Odyssey, The Last Supper and Sistine Chapel paintings, Oh Happy Day and Amazing Grace, Fiddler on the Roof and Jesus Christ Superstar – none of these would exist  without religion. I would however argue that I would need a hundred lifetimes to experience every miraculous creation that was inspired or just financed by world religions. In summary, I would clarify that I do not have anything against spirituality, mysticism or personal beliefs – my issue is with the organizations that hide behind those concepts. They are controlled by humans and thus inevitably corrupt, greedy and thwarting the real message of their faiths.

Sometimes, I hope that God did exist and that he would strike a definitive blow against all of these charlatans. He would preempt all TV channels, all radio stations, all movie theater projections and a small piece of sky over every place on Earth. He would say and write something like:

“Hey people,  it is me, God. A.k.a. Allah, Jehovah, Krishna, Zeus, Odin, Ashera, Isis, Quetzalcoatl, Nuit, Baal and thousands of other  names. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU. Use your head people. Stop worshiping in those places run by crooks. I do not require your subservience and adoration, but if it makes you feel good, find a beautiful place outdoors and worship in whatever way you want. If you want some guidelines, here’s what you should strive for: Love and respect one another, as well as your beautiful planet and yourself. In my eyes, every child, woman and man is equally created. LOVE NATURE – MAKE LOVE NOT WAR. In order to make this transition easy, I proclaim that all houses and places of worship are now museums and evidence of the folly of man for future generations. Anyone may visit, but those who go in to worship will immediately, grow horns and a tail, so that all may know who they are.  As they say in the Koran, I am all merciful and forgiving, so the horns and tail will disappear after one year giving the idiots another chance.


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I am a singer/songwriter/author
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