The Cello

cover-2.jpgThere is an image of you
Etched into my brain
A cello stands between your thighs
Embraced with love aflame

Your bow is poised to hit those strings
At any given time
There may not be a music yet
And yet, you sound divine

I feel a tremor in your soul
Transmitted to my spine
I’ve lived so many lives before
Now, born an instrument in time

The great conductor lifts up his baton
But it is only you and me
To carry this sound on
Into the fathomless, mysterious eternity

When the baton comes down so does the bow
initiating a slow movement to and fro
Larghissimo, adagio, andante and back to grave we go
The time is yet to come for the fortissimo

Staccato, pizzicato, vivace follow blissfully
Back to andante moderato we’re coursing lazily
The passion mounts it’s tempo gusto
Enslave me with your thighs
The way you play me woman elicits blissful sighs
There’s just one way to end this Elysian threnody
Whether I die or am reborn it’s only
A piacere.

Pleasure, Pain and Eternity is now available in most electronic formats here:


It can also be found in paper format here:


Copyright © 2016 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.


About The Llime

I am a singer/songwriter/author
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