Pickled Green Tomatoes & Salsa


I love tomatoes. Wish I had this kind of space, so no, this is not a picture of my tomato plant – I just love the picture. I do however have a little back yard with some space set aside for veggies. My wife actually took charge of that task this year and she grew some basil, rosemary, habanera pepper, cucumbers and one tomato plant. Hard to believe that in one season, one plant could yield so many tomatoes.

As the season has ended over here we were left with a lot of green cherry tomatoes and some that were just beginning to ripen a bit. I decided to pickle them. Had enough for about one quart jar with a few left overs. The last time I made pickles, they were came out O.K. but not really too exciting. I decided to switch to salt brine for this batch. It is actually a very simple process where you shake some salt and water in a jar until the salt dissolves. Then you add some pickling spices. cover with a cheese cloth and place them on a shelf out of the sun for one to three weeks, depending on how sour you’d like them to be. Apparently most picklers use a store bought pickling mix, so I did the same thing.

I filled a one quart Mason jar with filtered tap water, added 3 tablespoons of Diamond Kosher salt, covered the jar and shook till the salt dissolved. I then put the little green tomatoes n the realizing that I should have not have put that much water in it. So, I poured some of the brine into a second mason jar, ran around the corner and purchased s bunch of Kirby cukes. I reasoned that my splitting the brine diluted it somewhat so I added another teaspoon in each and shook them around a little more.   I then cut the Kirbies into wedges and placed them in the second jar. Last I added three tablespoons of a pickling mixture that I had purchased at Fairway Markets and five peeled garlic cloves in each jar. Turns out we didn’t have any cheese cloth around, so my wife suggested that coffee filters might do the job – smart woman. So now we wait a week or so and check to determine whether I should seal the jars and place in the fridge. They should last for up to a year, not that pickles ever last that long in my house. Even the grandchildren eat them.

I had a handful of green tomatoes left so I looked around the fridge and freezer for ideas. Eventually, I put them into the food processor, together with a pinch of salt, 5 peeled garlic cloves, and two red habanera peppers, some chopped up cilantro, a measure of sauerkraut and some leftover peas. Processed everything and put it a jar that I placed in the fridge. I scooped the leftovers from the food processor to taste it. It was amazing, hot but too hot for us and very tasty. That was two days ago and all that is left is perhaps one small serving. I was going to put some lime juice but I forgot. Oh well, next time.



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