Happier Halloween


A long. long time ago, in a far away dimension, there were happy days with – dare I say that? Yes boys and girls, those are tulips on my organ. Alas that organ became eroded and eventually swallowed by the sands of time. Yes I somehow acquired a different one but nowadays it looks like this:

2016-10-31 15.57.37.jpg

Making space for tulips looks like too much work. On a somewhat happier note, I would like to report that I have of late also acquired a spare organ.There is enough space for tulips on top of that one but sadly it is a pump organ that needs to pumped by hand. The vigorous pumping of the bellows would cause a vase to fall to the ground and shatter.It does make satisfying music once in a while  And here is a picture of that little rascal.

2016-10-31 16.12.51.jpg

The future is not all that gloomy either. My wife has some family in Holland and we go visit once in a while. Next year we’ll be there again. Holland is of course the land of tulips and bicycles. I will take my organ with me and we shall see what we shall see.


Here’s to Happier Halloweens!




About The Llime

I am a singer/songwriter/author
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1 Response to Happier Halloween

  1. The Llime says:

    Confession: actually, the first organ was not mine, I used to have a piano but that is now gone. I was going to add a photo of a piano with roses on it, but apparently, I cannot do it in the comment. Well just use your imagination.


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