The Phone & The Rice

rice phone.jpg

One day Ethel dropped her cell phone into the toilet. She immediately googled the problem and found that she should submerge her phone into a bowl of rice which she proceeded to do. She went on with her day and left the phone overnight. The next morning she retrieved her phone and found that she could play her favorite games Candy Crush and Candy Soda which made her happy. Later on that evening it occurred to her that she should probably make a phone call to see if that feature still worked. Of course she called her best friend Lucy.

“Hi Lucy, guess what happened to me yesterday.” she started

“And you waited a whole day to let me know? What’s wrong with you?” asked Lucy

“Well, it is because of what happened to me, I dropped my phone into the toilet.”

“Wow, so did you just get a new phone?”

“No need replied Ethel. I googled it and they said to submerge it in a bowl of rice.”

“What kind?” asked Lucy.

“Oh, they didn’t say so I used what I had – Jasmine rice.”

“That’s very tasty rice and costs extra. Too bad you had to throw away a whole bowl of it.”

“Throw away? Why would I do that? My husband said it was the best fried rice I ever made” replied Ethel.


About The Llime

I am a singer/songwriter/author
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