To all my family and friends old and new.

I have disallowed posting on my timeline. Someone, who shall remain nameless, has decided to post annoying things on my timeline, yet again. Sadly, I had to unfriend that person. I will however be the only one to post on my timeline from now on.  You may always send messages and ask me to post something for you.

Having said that let me also warn you that writing is one of my mediocre talents (you are welcome to disagree.) That endeavor takes me into fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, fantasy, poetry, music and other areas associated with the creative process. Though I also write young adult stories under a different pen-name, please be warned that some of my writings are extremely erotic and very graphic in their nature. The eroticism is safely contained in my imagination and I have no intention of actually acting out any of it,


however, please be aware that some of my many websites and blogs contain nudity and graphic descriptions of sexual acts.


If you have read so far, I would also like to take this opportunity and ask that just as I keep my eroticism to myself, you keep your God in your own pocket or whatever. I am opposed to all forms of organized religion and I will never bow down to anyone, God, Devil or human, for any purpose that does not involve sex.

Organized religion is the greatest evil that has ever been perpetrated on the human race.


About The Llime

I am a singer/songwriter/author
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