Where did the Coca-Cola Cocaine go?


Cola Kreek in Suriname is strangely colored brown which is where that name came from. Everyone says that it is because of the leaves that fall from the trees and color the water that way. I was there about 8 years ago and the water is really of a color that makes one think of Cola.

This time I have spent a month or so in Suriname and we planned a day at another creek called Carolina Kreek that had the same healing reputation as well as coloring. I tried to get a bit more info and kept asking various people about the strange coloring of the water. After all, this is a tropical country only 3 degrees north of the Equator, meaning that the leaves on trees are always green. Fruits and vegetables ripen all year round and there are constant bananas, coconuts, mangoes and so on. I heard the same silly explanation over and over until I asked an old great-uncle of my wife’s. He had a peculiar explanation that did not jibe with any of the others.

Sometime in the 1930’s cocaine was outlawed in the United States. The famous Coca-Cola that we all know and some of you seem to love in spite of the high fructose corn syrup, was left holding some ridiculous amount of syrup that had become illegal overnight. Yeah, they had real cocaine in it as well as real sugar. I wish they kept the original recipe; I mean a bit of cocaine can’t hurt you now and then but mostly, I wish they stuck to sugar. I gave up on high fructose corn syrup about seven years ago and visiting countries like Trinidad and Suriname reminds me how much I used to love Coke all those years ago. Isn’t it strange? Suriname and Trinidad, third world countries have some kind of protocols that lead to the use of real sugar in various products.

Anyway, I think I’m sidetracking myself; the great-uncle spoke of a clandestine operation that had some one hundred tons of coke syrup buried in an undisclosed location. Apparently, others of his generation have heard that story and some believed that the secret Coke burial containers had become corroded over the years and leaked their contents into the Cola and Carolina Creeks. Hard to believe, but it might explain why so many claim that the Cola and Carolina creeks have such invigorating and restorative attributes.


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