laurelsI cannot possibly remember all of the people who have influenced me. But, before my memory fails me altogether, I will jot down some of the names I do still remember. They include musicians, authors, scientists, painters, cooks, movie makers and others. This is just a list of names in alphabetical order (I always preferred first.) Where I to arrange in order of importance it will never be even half finished. For example Robert Anton Wilson would be in top ten while Isaac Asimov would somewhere in the last 25%. So here we go!

A. E. Van Vogt
Adriano Celentano
Al Bano & Romina Carlisi
Al Kooper
Alex Harvey
Alexander Belyaev
Aleister Crowley
Alexandre Dumas
Alexandre Pushkin
Algis Budrys
Amina Shah
Amy Winehouse
Anaïs Nin
Anthony Piers
Arkady & Boris Strugatsky
Art Speigelman
Arthur Brown
Arthur C. Clarke
Arthur Koestler
Arthur Lee
Arlo Guthrie
Arthur Conan Doyle
Ashley Judd
Avi Toledano
Avram Davidson
B&B Dee
Bela Bartok
Belle du Jour
Benicio Del Toro
Benjamin Britten
Bernard Wolfe
Bert Jansch
Bessie Smith
Betty Schleyer
Big Bill Broonzy
Big Mama Thornton
Bill Morrissey
Billie Holliday
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Bob Dylan
Bob Weir
Brian Eno
Brian Jones
Brain May
Brigitte Bardot
Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Springsteen
Buddy Holly
Buffy St. Marie
Captain Beefheart
Carl Oglesby
Carl Perkins
Carla Bley
Carol Hill
Cat Stevens
Charles Bukowski
Charles Simmons
Chris Rea
Christina Ricci
Christy Moore
Chuck Berry
Cliff Richard
Cobi Taller
Cristian Vasile
D.H. Lawrence
Daevid Allen
Dan Spătaru
Daniel Lanois
Danny Ben Israel
Danny Brilliant
Danny Sanderson
Danny Thompson
Dave Edmunds
Dave Massengil
David Bowie
David Brin
David Byrne
David Crosby
David Gilmore
David LaFlamme
David Lindley
David Sabo
Dashiell Hammett
Del Shannon
Delbert McClinton
Dennis Hopper
Deveka Premchand
Don McLean
Don Van Vleet
Doris Lessing
Douglas Adams
Douglas Hofstadter
Dusan Makavejev
Dwight Yoakam
E. E. Cummings
Eddie Cochran
Edgar Varese
Edith Piaf
Edward Gorey
Ehud Banay
Ellen Barkin
Emir Kusturica
Ennio Morricone
Enrico Macias
Eric Burdon
Eyal Golan
Exotic Zoe
Ezra Pound
Felicia Weisskohl
Felix Pappalardi
Flaco Jiménez
Frank Miller
Frank Zappa
Fred Frith
Frederic Brown
Gabriel Byrne
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Gabby Pahinui
Garth Ennis
Gary Brooker
Gary Moore
Gary Oldman
Gene Clarke
Gene Wolfe
Genya Raven
Gică Petrescu
Gilly Smith
Ginger Baker
Goran Bregovic
Gram Parsons
Greg Bear
Greg Brown
Gunter Grass
H. G. Wells
Haim Moshe
Haim Romano
Hank Williams
Hans Christian Anderson
Happy Love
Harvey Keitel
Henry Kuttner
Henry Miller
Herman Hesse
Howard Kaylan
Howlin’ Wolf
Ian Gillan
Ida Cox
Idries Shah
Ingmar Bergman
Isaac Asimov
Israel Aharoni
J.B.  Lenoir
Jack Bruce
Jackson Browne
Jacques Brel
Jacques Dutronc
James Joyce
James Michener
Jane Birkin
Jane Campion
Janis Joplin
Jean Reno
Jeff Beck
Jeff Martin
Jennifer Fowler
Jennifer Jason Lee
Jerry Garcia
Julio Iglesias
Kim Kweskin
Jim McCarty
Jimmy Buffet
Jimmy Hendrix
Jimmy Page
Jimmy Rodgers
Joan Baez
Johan Sebastian Bach
John Cage
John Cale
John Crowley
John Entwistle
John Fahey
John Hiatt
John “Charley” Whitney
John Lennon
John Martyn
John McVie
John Popper
John Prine
John Sebastian
John Sladek
John Westley Harding
John Wetton
Johnny Cash
Johnny Depp
Johnny Dowd
Jon Lord
Joni Mitchell
Jorge Louis Borges
Judy Collins
Jules Verne
Kate Winslet
Keith Reed
Keith Relf
Kevin Spacey
Kurt Vonnegut
Lao Tzu
Lana (Laurence) & Lilly Wachowski
Lenny Bruce
Leo Kottke
Leon Redbone
Leon Russell
Leonard Cohen
Leslie West
Levon Helm
Lindsay Lohan
Lord Kitchener
Lou Reed
Lowell George
Luc Besson
Lucinda Williams
Lucio Dalla
Luka Bloom
Lyle Lovett
Ma Rainey
Malka Percal
Marisa Tomei
Marc Chagall
Marc Helprin
Maria Muldaur
Mark Vollman
Margareta Pâslaru
Mark Ruffalo
Marty Robbins
Meg Ryan
Memphis Minnie
Mia Khalifa
Michael Chapman
Michael Kamen
Michael Mantler
Mick Abrahams
Mick Fleetwood
Mickey Gilley
Miguel Cervantes
Mike Heron
Mike Loukas
Mikhail Bulgakov
Miklós Rózsa
Miles Davis
Mississippi John Hurt
Muddy Waters
Miyamoto Musashi
Neil Young
Nick Mason
Nina Simone
Nino Rota
O. Henry
Orson Scott Card
Otis Redding
Ozzy Osbourne
Paul Bartel
Paul Haines
Paul McCartney
Paul Rodgers
Paul Samwell-Smith
Pete Townshend
Peter Brown
Peter Gabriel
Peter Green
Peter Hammill
Phil Ochs
Philip K. Dick
Philip Jose Farmer
Primo Levy
Quentin Tarantino
R. A. Lafferty
Randy Newman
Ray Bradbury
Ray Davies
Richard Farina
Richard Thompson
Richie Blackmore
Richie Havens
Rob Huxley
Robbie Robertson
Robert Anson Heinlein
Robert Anton Wilson
Robert Fripp
Robert Gordon
Robert Graves
Robert Johnson
Robert Scheckley
Roberto Rodriguez
Robin Williamson
Robin Trower
Roger Chapman
Roger McGuinn
Roger Wotton
Roger Zelazny
Rory Gallagher
Roy Harper
Roy Orbison
Ry Cooder
Sallie Pine
Sam Cooke
Sandy Denny
Shalom Chanoch
Sippie Wallace
Spider John Koerner
Spider Robinson
Stan Solomon
Stanislav Lem
Steafán Hanvey
Stephen Donaldson
Stephen Stills
Steve Earl
Steve Miller
Steve Swallow
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Stomu Yamashta
Sun Tzu
Syd Barrett
T. L. Sherred
Taj Mahal
Terry Pratchett
The Brothers Grimm
Theodore Sturgeon
Tim Hardin
Tom Disch
Tom Lehrer
Tom Newman
Tom Waits
Tony Gatlif
Toto Cutugno
Townes Van Zandt
Ursula K. LeGuin
Umberto Eco
Van Morrison
Vicente Fernández
Vicky the Lewd
Virginia Carraway Stark
Warren Zevon
Wilson Pickett
Wilton Reinhardt
Willy DeVille
Willy Dixon
Willie Nelson
Woody Guthrie
Wynona Ryder
Yoram Ga’on
Yudith Bilibau

I will rest for now – meaning that I am going back to one of my other projects. There are many other names that I want to add to this list, but most of them are not exactly on the tip of my brain so to speak. Like some musicians that I almost remembered and it bugged me so I went to look at my LP collection. The names usually popped up as I was walking over to the living room. So, I need to do some research to remind me some of those additional names. It will probably be a good exercise for my memory. Anyway,  if anyone gets to read this, they might be surprised at the ones I’ve left out. It is not because my memory is failing. To give an example, I really enjoyed the music of Pink Floyd before they recorded Dark Side of the Moon. That was their big commercial break and also the time when their music became simpler and more geared towards the masses, also when Roger Waters’ first megalomania symptoms made themselves known. It is why his name is not on my list.

Other deliberate omissions:
Because your God your God is on my list
I was born in Romania during its stint as a communist lackey to the Soviet Union. The state religion was atheism and so I for the first 14 or so years of my life I was brainwashed to think that God did not exist and it was just a tool that helped to control the minds of the masses. I rejected that sometime after I left Romania.
For the next thirty or so years, I believed that it didn’t not matter if God did or did not exist – there did not seem to be any reason to make that decision based on some badly compiled evidence and other people’s say so.
My current attitude towards God has combined my two previous philosophies. It makes no difference if God does or does not exist. The God idea has been one of the worst crimes perpetrated against humanity and perpetuated by those who are ruthless enough to wield it and hide behind its threatening myth.
So, God didn’t make my list. The God concept has certainly influenced some of my thinking, but I consider it an evil similar but much more powerful than Satan’s, who did not make my list either. I am trying to compile a list of beneficial influencers, though some of them had mixed effects.

One other thing, there are some People whose names I have coached in pseudonyms – I couldn’t tell if they would feel comfortable on my list.

And lastly, I will of course update this list from time to time.


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I am a singer/songwriter/author
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