What To Write?

tolstoy I like to write! I can sit at my desk hunched over my keyboard for hours and hours/ I do straighten up once in a while when my wife yells at me, but when she gets on with her business, I go back to my hunching. I have such great story ideas that I impress myself once in a while reading over some old phrases that I had put together, way back when. The phrases are so elegantly turned and the ideas – OMG – as some of my grandchildren might say – wherever did I find them? Are they really all mine? And if so, how did I come up with them? There is however this boredom factor that sticks it’s bifurcated tail into my writing enthusiasm. I construct some amazing story line and I write furiously for days, weeks, months at a time filling it up and moving it forward towards completion. Well, yes there is also this little problem I have with completed stories. It is like they are dead and I just want them to keep on living in the readers’ minds and hearts forever. But this is not what I would like to address at this moment in time. Let us get back to that boredom factor. The best way to explain that is by divulging a very well kept authoring secret.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

What we do, is create one or two characters, place them in an interesting situation and let them run with it. When done correctly, the characters will start talking to you after only a little while.  Sometimes, your characters may not even be able to talk in real life. They might even be inanimate objects and yet, they will talk to you even so. Like for instance this collection of short vignettes that I have provisionally named 288. All of those significant moments spoke to me night after night in my dreams as well as during my frequent waking in-between moments. I even found some cute clip-art to decorate my times. The problem started after I had finished perhaps 200 of my planned 288 moments. The others just stopped talking to me. This thing happens to me over and over again. Of course as someone has said before, writing is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. So I could just sit here and spew large amounts of verbiage that would eventually fill a tome or two. But when I don’t feel it anymore, I get bored and I just stop. Interestingly enough, a part of my mind takes pity on me and sends new ideas to the other part, the one that likes to construct sentences. It does not take that much, just a couple of characters and a slim story line. So off I go on a totally different tangent. This is how I find myself involved in some 40 or so different projects. There are short stories, critiques, reviews, novels, goofy-isms, pseudo-philosophical treatises, screenplays and who knows what else – I haven’t actually conducted a census. The fact that I have self-published a few of the works which I have actually completed, and they apparently netted me $6.33 for the entire year of 2016, does very little for my self-motivation.

Anyone who read this far please raise your hands. Huh, just me as usual. I am however an optimist and who knows, someone might prove me wrong yet. So here’s how you could do that:

Send me your wishes. I have made it all quite simple. All you have to do, is vote for one of my projects. Here you may find a list of projects with a one line description, followed by a button.  There is no need to register, no need to leave a name just click the button. You may also vote as many times as you like, there’s no limit.

One more thing, for those who may be inclined to do more. Next to the vote button, there is a link that will open another window. In that window,  you may enter a suggestion that has to do with that particular story line. For example character X should do this or that with or to character Y, and so on.

Well it is after 2 am which is not that late for me, but for some reason I find that I am becoming sleepy. Perhaps a story is brewing somewhere in there, so I will hurry up and finish my pitch.

Don’t Forget to Vote!


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I am a singer/songwriter/author
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