clockLately I wake up a lot during my sleep times – I tend to go sleep very late and I used to sleep for 9-10 hours. Going to sleep late stayed with me after 20 years of night shifts. Waking up late is a habit that I have never managed to break nor did I ever try too hard. Let the early bird get the worm, I’ll be fine with just a cup of coffee. Anyway, when I wake up I prop myself up on my left elbow so that I can look over my wife to the clock that is on her night table. It seems that I always wake at some significant hour – like it might be exactly 1:00 or 1:01 or 3:00 or 9:09 or sometimes 10:10 or 11:11. All these numbers seem to have a significance of some sort. Earlier today, it occurred to me that perhaps I am looking at it the wrong way. What if they all have some kind of significance?

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Or perhaps I am attaching significance where it does not necessarily belong. It is like Arthur Koestler might say: ‘coincidences multiply when you go looking for them’ or something to that effect. I did a quick arithmetic in my head and decided that there are 288 minutes in a day and that I will try to find the significance of all of them and put all of that in a book. I then turned around and went back to sleep. Now, that I am fully awake, I try hard to figure out what I was thinking. A day has 1440 minutes and I do not intend to find the significance of each and every one of them. 288 however, does seem like a magical number because the number eight is considered very lucky by the Chinese and there are two them in it. You could actually read it as two eights. 24 (hours) goes into 288 12 times, so need to find 12 significant numbers in every hour of the day. In order to avoid duplication, I will use military time. Let us begin.


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