Eye of the Beholder

closerI’ve been trying to figure out some things. I am still 69 as I have said in one of my stories and at a younger age, I believed that I would be over these worldly attractions. Nevertheless, I am still taken in by a nice pair of tits, a juicy pussy and / or the beauty of a properly bisected gluteal pair of muscles with a tight looking rosette somewhere between them. My cock rises at the thought of them and in this day and age the internet is out there to prop up my failing visualizations that would otherwise rely on my also failing memory. So, once in a while I would open up a tab that leads to xvideos.com, xhamster.com, pornhub.com or another of their (probably imaginary) competitors. I have yet to decide what really makes me come, because some of their videos do not do it for me anymore. Still, the urge to play with myself is as strong as ever. Their videos are quite versatile, but my imagination is a lot more daring than my real life experimentation ever got to, and in some cases somewhat further reaching. It augments the visuals appropriately, though there are some lines that I would not ever cross. Makes me wonder if I should keep writing about these things.

And so, I asked myself:

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Just how many ways of spreading, poking, clamping, dildoing, frigging, licking, fingering, fisting or sucking a vagina could there be?

How many methods of tit appreciation, torturing, vacuum distending, tying, slapping or pulling and mauling a pair of tits could one imagine? How many ways of smacking, slapping, swatting, whipping, spanking or kneading an ass could exist? And then most of the things that could be applied to a pussy would work just as well on an asshole. There are probably other things that I haven’t mentioned (they’ll come to me) but here are some of my caveats:

1 No major bodily harm to the participants.

2 No blood (other than in some piercing situations.)

3 No waste matter (though some pissing cunts look quite rousing.)

4 I also think that enemas could be used as cleansers, though not as in inducing bowel movements.

So, after watching a large selection of straight fucking, as well as perverted BDSM, golden showers, pussy spanking, tit slapping and some more extreme videos the main question that is now asked is:

Should I bother to write anything else about it?

Well, the same question can be asked about any kind of literary genre: hasn’t it all been written yet?

I thought about it and I believe I have a decent answer:

The western alphabet is composed of twenty-six letters. Words can be composed of two to perhaps twenty letters (without getting into any weird long words.) Doing the math (which I did not because my internet just decided to shut down) you’d come up with an astronomically large number of possible words. The English language is composed of slightly more than one million of them. Let’s add to that the fact that I happen to speak a number of other languages (ten would be a ball park number) and we come up with a surprisingly obvious answer: it is extremely unlikely that I could exhaust the number of usable words in my lifetime. And that is even before we try to figure out the various sentences that they will be used in. So here I go, there’ll be more fucking than you’ll ever know (unless you read my stuff.)

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