Judge & Jury


I don’t have a preface for this one yet. Just a bunch of notes – here’s an idea:

Gyuri Lakatos

Hungarian ex-locksmith (like his name) ex national high school middle weight boxing champ, relapsed catholic, single 29, emigrated 1980, naturalized 1987, amateur musician (jazz, sax, keys, drums).

P/T jobs – roofing, window installer, bouncer, security guard,  keeps in shape at the Y.

Americans have a problem pronouncing his name – mostly comes out as Jury.

Tall, red hair, blue eyes with slight epicanthic fold, handsome and good humored – quite irresistible to women.

He is the physical component of the partnership – enforcer, burglar (good with locks) playboy.

After their first case, he joined a dojo. One year later he also started Krav Maga training. One more year and he passed his LM level 5, around the same time he also attained a black belt in judo.

George Goldstein

Romanian Jew, software specialist (tech support, programming, etc.) ex rock musician (guitar, vocals) agnostic, aikido, mystic, served in Israeli army (October War) divorced, 39, emigrated 1975, naturalized 1980, multi-lingual. His strong Romanian accent makes people hear Judge instead of George when he introduces himself, especially on the phone. That is why Con-Ed bills say Judge Goldstein – the name stuck.

Short, salt and pepper hair, brown eyes, great talker (would make great salesman) personable, people tend to let down their guard around him, makes friends with women easily (but they mostly end up sleeping with Jury). Attractive to gays but unfortunately for them, straight.

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