Observational Tales


Over the years I have written a few stories that I enjoy reading to people once in a while. The ones collected here are products of my observations. Some were inspired by things that I have observed, while other are hiding some of my observations about things.

As usual, a lot of them have very sexually oriented cores. I like sex and I like writing about it. It is also somewhat of a blow against the empires that be. The majority of the world seems bothered by, and/or afraid of things that are too overtly sexual.

There is of course that problem that occurs when you have children and grandchildren. Your works will eventually get into their hands and some of them will disapprove strongly. Some others of them may be too young to read this kind of stuff. As always, I admonish them, as well as my other readers:

Keep this book away from children!

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About The Llime

I am a singer/songwriter/author
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