Pan Is Alive!

Pan.jpgThe Bulgarian Quartet started out quite ferociously. It had lots and lots sub-plots and twists just the way I like things. At first, I intended to publish part II before part I. After a while I realized that it was kind of silly to try and imitate Star Wars. I did however write a lot more of part II than I did of part I – the intention was to have part II read as sci-fi and part I as fantasy without disclosing whether there was science or magic afoot until we got to part III. There was also an imperative part of the plot that dictated the necessity of sexual intercourse. Somehow, I told that story in my head so many times, that it didn’t seem that important to actually finish writing it. Also, twenty-five or so years ago, it seemed a lot more difficult to publish a novel, let alone a quartet of related works. I read excerpts of whatever I had finished at time to various friends and drunks. Everyone promised to buy the book and could hardly wait for it. I didn’t do it. But, this is the opportunity for all my misplaced friends and drinking buddies to motivate me. Vote for this one and it will take priority.

Please Vote for Me!


About The Llime

I am a singer/songwriter/author
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