Robot In Distress


There are people who promised to write stories for an anthology of erotica (Eye of the Beholder) that I am putting together. So far only one of them came through. In order to keep my promises, I invented a few more authors as well as some of their interactions with yours truly. I am of also a figment of some author’s imagination, so they are in good company.

Fanny DiGrassi

Looks like Fanny is starting to like smutty stuff. This one is quite futuristic, yet quite arousing as well and that is certainly good enough for me. It is also so graphic that someday I might hire someone to create a video of it.


“Name and Serial Number” she demanded.

“Sam-I-M-3233347” he replied in a dim voice.

“I am Lucy-Juicer 3696969 and I will do what needs to be done.”

She put her hand on his brow to read his stats.

“Your charge is at 0.23%. You will not make it to the next charge station. I will have to perform an emergency field re-charge. Let me help you lie down.”

She rubbed her thumb between his ambulatory units releasing his extension. Putting a hand behind his back she lowered him gently until he was lying supine on his back.  His extension was lying against the metal thigh looking old and deflated, so she wrapped her hand around it sending a gentle electric spark through her palm. His response was sluggish but she was glad to see that there was one. Were he to deplete his battery completely, all of his short term memories would be erased and he would need some kind of therapy in order to re-establish personality continuance. She sent another gentle charge into his extension and this time she got the response that she was looking for. Two prongs popped out of the tip of his extension and she wasted no time. Straddling him, she fitted the two prongs into her pelvic socket. She had never performed a field re-charge so she opened a channel to central.

“Central, this is Lucy-Juicer 3696969. I need guidance.”

A few passers-by stopped to witness the operation.

“Status report” replied central.

“Sam-I-M-3233347 is at 0.23 charge. I am performing field re-charge. I have deployed he extension prongs and plugged them into my pelvic socket and I am proceeding.”

Lucy reached down to a button located on inch above her pelvic socket.

“Applying rotational friction to pelvic receptacle knob.

Receptacle bi-valve widening to allow extension insert.

Commencing lubrication to allow non-damaging insertion.

Extension is inflating at a slow rate. Applying a second static discharge.”

She wrapped her fingers around the extension and allowed a trickle of static electricity into her fingers. Sparks started flying generating a buzzing noise but she got the desired reaction. The extension inflated to a more rigid state allowing her to pull it in, with her retracting her socket.

“Wow, it’s just like fucking” said one of the by-standers.

A pre-teen, out shopping with her mom, joined the circle of watchers. The mother grabbed her arm and pulled her away.

“Mom, it’s just a charging unit doing her job. We learned about it on school” complained the young girl.

“Well. it looks indecent” said the mother “I don’t want you to see this.”

“Extension fully inserted. Commencing re-charge” said Lucy.

She started an up and down pelvic motion applying friction to Sam’s extension. At first it was very slow, but gradually the motion started creating a clanging sound. Kind of like a large metal gate slamming shut. She kept her hand on his brow reading his numbers. It was not working.

“Central, this is not working. The charge is being applied, but the energy loss is slightly bigger that the intake.”

“Are your chest units active?”

“That was not in my protocol.”

“It is part of the latest software boost. Apparently, you have received the hardware upgrade but not the software boost. You need to come in right after completion to receive it. Perform manual activation by pressing on your chest knobs simultaneously. That will close the circuitry and stop the leak.”

Lucy did as instructed and the two conical chest units started spinning with a rapid motion and sound that was alternating between that of a drill and a buzzing saw. Sparks started flying from one knob to the other. The watching pedestrians, who have multiplied in the meantime applauded and raised a moderate roar.

“Thank you central. The additional circuit is doing its job.”

It didn’t take long before Sam started responding to the charge stimulus. His pelvis started arching slowly at first, but picking up momentum as the charge was getting higher. Lucy’s pelvis was keeping track and responding with the same frequency. Within the span of 10 minutes the pistoning action increased incrementally, turning into a trembling blur. The noise level increased accordingly, reaching the loud decibels of a large pneumatic jack-hammer. It served as a warning to the pedestrians who started moving further back from the action. A flashing circle appeared on the pavement and central opened a loud audio channel.

“Warning, warning” announced a very loud voice “all entities are to move to a distance of at least 50 meters from the epicenter. Anyone within the flashing circle is inside the danger zone.”

The warning was not really necessary. Everyone had retreated beyond the perimeter of the flashing circle.

“Applying final super-charge” said central.

The jack-hammer racket as well as the motion continued while Sam’s body rose from the pavement to a standing position. Lucy did not let go and she rose with him. Her ambulatory units were now wrapped around Sam’s waist and her manual units clenched behind his back. It caused her rapidly spinning chest units to be pushed against his chest adding a sharp screeching noise to the cacophony. Sam lifted his hands and face to the sky, while Lucy shifted her gaze upwards as well.

“Five, four, three” said Central.

With an almost imperceptible velocity, Sam’s feet lifted from the ground.

“Two, one” continued Central.

Sam’s feet were now almost five inches above ground. The combined noise level seemed to have increased yet again and it all sounded a lot like a large supersonic jet getting ready for lift-off.

“Zero” said Central and a large bolt of electricity struck the two robots. The majestic bolt seemed to come out of nowhere.


The two robots picked up speed and rocketed skywards just as the first thunderous sonic boom resounded. Within 3 seconds it was followed by a second one as Sam and Lucy reached Mach one and just like that they were out of sight and a blessed silence descended on the now empty street. A few drops of lubricant oil and hydraulic fluid marked the charred and cracked pavement testified to the momentous event, but they were not going to be there much longer. The cleaners showed up within minutes.


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