Do, Re, Mi & the Big C


… late 19th century – Burlesque and Vaudeville eventually have a child and they name it Sideshow – though future audiences prefer to call it Freakshow.

Before you even attempt to tell a story, no matter if true or just an invention of your overclocked mind, there are many decisions that you need to make. The main one has to do with time – just exactly when do you start your story? You have to pick a spot on the timeline of your characters that explains them to your readers – an event that somehow influences them and shows some of the things that motivate them, making them behave the way they do later on. You cannot go back too far, there is only so much time that your readers will be willing to dedicate to your scribbles. Besides, you have to make the (logical to some) assumption that we all share a fairly common background and there is no need to go and re-invent the theory of evolution or, depending on your story, re-explain creationism. So, though it will meander back and forth in time, the story actually starts at the time Doreen turned 4 years old. Why? I have no idea – it just unfolded that way in my head and might have more to do with the way my brain works than with any story telling craftsmanship.

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I am a singer/songwriter/author
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