Sharon D’Arcy Investigations


I love to intertwine my stories and characters. This one is going to be a detective agency that investigates some very unusual events that happened in one of my other novels (So Long You Old Gravestone.)

I don’t have much but here’s a sketch of the main characters:

Lacy Sam D’Arcy
Gorgeous creole beauty lives in New Orleans (Algiers Point?)
real name – Samantha D’Arcy. Lacy added for pen name.
librarian – author of erotica.

Ariel Sharon
6′ tall – 210 lbs of muscle
ex-IAF pilot
name’s Israelized from the original Arnie Shmulovitch.
E4 Krav-Maga expert.
private jet pilot – author of erotica.

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About The Llime

I am a singer/songwriter/author
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