So Long You Old Gravestone

Dan Lynch Bar

For Myra Levine, the day started just like any other day. Still tired after only four hours of sleep, she was in and out of the bathroom in less than ten minutes, and dressed in another five. Sticking a stethoscope into one of her coat pockets, she made her way to the emergency room.

Myra was a 5’ 4”, dark-haired, dark eyed beauty whose 120 lbs. were very nicely distributed on a somewhat unfashionable (at least in that century,) but quite athletic frame. When she wasn’t so tired, she could easily pass for twenty-five and if you ever got to look into her eyes, you could see that at heart she was a dreamer. At thirty-seven, she was a little old to be still interning, but there was only about a week to go before she could put an end to this stage of her career and concentrate on passing her fourth and final board exam.

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I am a singer/songwriter/author
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