The God Story


I did see a little girl with her parents (I hope) at 2 am at a White Castle in Queens one time.

Josh A. walks into White Castle at 2 am.

There’s a 5 year old girl with her parents a few tables away. The daughter is asking her daddy to move in with them. He tells her things are complicated – something to do with his probation officer. She says something about parole, and he says it’s not the same. Josh walks over to them and addresses the parents:

“I have a hundred dollars for each of you, if you let me talk to your daughter.”

The parents look at each and the father nods agreement. The little girl is bright enough to understand.

“What’s your name” he asks

“Trudy” she replies.

“And do you know your last name?”


“O.K. Trudy Miller. I want to do something for you.” hands her a card. “Here’s my business card. Tomorrow I am going to go to my lawyer and start a trust fund for you. Your parents may think that this is a hoax, so I am going to give them my lawyer’s card. They can find out about him from the bar association. After that they can contact him and verify that everything I say is true.”

“Thank you very much.”

Her daddy jumped in:


“There is no reason. There are also no strings attached. The money will be Trudy’s to do with as she likes on her eighteenth birthday.” With that Josh got up, bid them good night and left.

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