The Messenger

Helmand.jpgJohn is a 5′ 11″ slim man in his late sixties with thinning gray hair. He is a professor of philosophy at Columbia University. He likes corduroy jackets with elbow patches and corduroy Fedora hats. Mary is about twenty years his junior and they had met some years previously when she was working on her economics dissertation. She is a couple of inches shorter, also a bit on the slim side, but wiry and with very tempting bosoms. They used to be lovers until the day she decided to dump him without an explanation. In the meantime she is the founder and senior partner in a very successful investment firm.

Fifteen years after they broke up, they run into each other on the street.

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“John” says Mary “I’m actually happy to see you. Can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure, why not?” answers John.

They step into the first bar and sit at a booth in the back. They sit in silence while the waitress gets them a couple of drinks – a Cosmopolitan for her and a dirty Martini for him.

“It’s been fifteen years since I last seen you” she starts.

“Fifteen years, three months, two days and a couple of hours” he replies.

“Is that so? Well you’ve aged well; you finally look the part of a distinguished professor. Are you still at Columbia? Actually, don’t answer that. I know that you are. There were many times when I wanted to get in touch with you, so I looked you up. It would usually be after I broke up with some guy or other. I would think about you and realize that I have made a mistake. I never got up the nerve, but now after your remark, I am hoping that you still think fondly of me sometimes.”

“Sarcasm, I like that. I actually think about you fondly every single day, especially when I am with another woman. They always fall short in comparison. Actually, after some time, I just stopped trying. Also, you have aged extremely well yourself.”

“I would like to make amends and if you are willing, I have to stop by my office, but you can come with me and we will see where it goes.”

There was no doubt that he would go with her even to the ends of the world. His love for her was so obvious that even a blind man would feel the radiating vibes. Her office was but a short walk away. As they got out or the elevator, she grabbed his hand and led him through the glass doors and into the waiting area. It was just about five o’clock so some of the junior investors were walking out. A couple of them noticed their boss holding hands and pretending that they had forgotten something they walked back to their cubicles. It only took a couple of minutes before the entire office knew something was up. Mary would once in a while show up with a man, but her usual choice was much younger, better dressed and arrogant looking. Everyone also knew that she had a sofa in her office and some of them did not leave for quite a while. This one looked very unlike her type, but she had never walked in hand in hand with anyone else. Mary walked out and asked John to follow her:

“Come John, I just remembered I need to finish up some stuff. Let me pour you a drink while I wrap it up.”

She led him to a very large and well-appointed office and bid him sit on her sofa. She poured him a very expensive Louis XIII Cognac and bid him wait while she walked out of the office. The sounds were muffled but he could still make out what she was saying:

“O.K. everyone, it is way past five o’clock and you all need to go home. Don’t worry about me, I will be just fine.”

“Curiouser and Curiouser” he exclaimed when she walked back in.

“There’s no need to beat around the bush. I want to ask for your forgiveness in the most intimate and personal I can think of. Seeing you like this on the street, made me realize that I have never stopped loving you. I do not know how, but I also feel that there is some urgency, so would you love me right here and now? I will admit that my old office sofa had seen my back side quite a few times before today, but it was not this one. I had just about given up on casual encounters.”

Whatever bitter thoughts he had harbored about her, were never bitter enough to make him stop loving her and missing the feel of her body next to his. Her confession actually moved him to tears. She noticed and starting by kissing the tears running down his face she continued with kissing him on his mouth and his neck and his shoulders as she was helping him out of his clothes. This new sofa actually got to feel the imprint of his backside because her aggression was not to be quenched and she was the one in charge. After the loving was all done, she lay next to him with her head on his shoulder, promising that she will be his from then until eternity. She got up and taking him by the hand she led him to the little shower. They washed each other off while kissing and murmuring sweet nothings into each other’s ears just like a pair of young lovers.

Getting out of the shower she produced a very large towel drying him and herself as well. As she was drying him, some kind of electric discharge started happening between the two of them, so she pulled back more surprised than hurt. Looking at him, she didn’t understand what was going on. He was fading in and out just like the picture on an old tube TV.

“What is going on?” she asked in a nervously high pitched voice.

“I have no idea” he replied “just know this: you have always been my chosen one and you will forever remain that” saying that, he pretty much vanished into thin air.

She called the police and they were all quite baffled. After examining all the cameras in and around the building they could not put together an explanation of what might have happened. Of course they suspected some kind of foul play and she was their prime suspect, but try as they might, they could not figure out what happened. After a week of investigating, they decided to put the file with the other unsolved cases and everyone went on with their lives. Mary was quite sad for a while and though she told herself that he might still be alive somewhere, she could not quite believe it.


To John it seemed that as soon as he finished saying those loving words, he was dropped into some kind of river. He did not experience any kind of time passage, but later on he was surprised to find out that he had fallen into the Helmand River in Afghanistan, just a couple of miles from the Iranian border.

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