The Pirate Lovers


It wasn’t much of a fight. The pirates’ caravel was more maneuverable than the older Spanish cog. The Spanish crew was outnumbered from the start and none of them seemed to be well trained fighters. There were actually no casualties, though three Spaniards and one of the pirates had to have some limbs amputated. Luckily for them, Captain Janusz believed that taking care of casualties was important to ship discipline. So, he had lured an Algerian Jew, with a good knowledge of medicine to join his crew. The Jew took care of the departing limbs and made sure that none of the victims bled to death. The Captain assembled the Spaniards on deck for an inspection. The cog’s storage areas hadn’t revealed any valuable cargo, and the sole passenger and her retinue didn’t have too much jewelry or personal possessions.

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I am a singer/songwriter/author
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