GarfieldMy name is Ernest Samuel Leibovitz, but I sign all my works as Ernest Samuel Llime – seems more distinguished and no one asks me how I’m related to Annie Leibovitz – no idea. I was born in Bucharest, Romania where I spent my first 14 years going to school and learning how to be a young commie atheist. I come from a Jewish family with (probable) roots in some part of Russia – a lot of the more recent ones (a sister, grandparents, uncles etc.,) perished in Nazi concentration camps and my parents chose not to tell me much about them. They all came from towns in Transylvania which is why my first language was Hungarian. When they were eventually granted permission to emigrate to Israel, I originally told them that I could not live in a Capitalist country and that I would stay in Romania; being an only child and very attached to my parents, I soon changed my mind and I eventually spent 14 years in Israel where I finished a vocational high school and served in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) – an organization that trained me to be a tank commander and managed to put me in a tank during two wars.

 I also managed to get married and produced three children in between the wars, as well as getting a computer programming education. My first wife, a naturalized American born in Sweden, got tired of Israel so in December of 1975 (14 years after I got there) we packed up and left Israel for New York City. After I year in Brooklyn we moved to the borough of Queens where I am still residing. I would have been happy moving again after 14 years but it did not happen.  So, by September 2016 I will 60 years old, I have 4 children, nine grandchildren and have been married to my second wife for the past 15 years. I am fluent in 4 languages and can manage a stuttering conversation in at least 4 others; I also understand a lot of words in 2-3 more and have added to my traditional education somewhat by frequenting Queens college (without graduating) as well as taking some continuing education classes at NYU.

 I have been an avid Sci-Fi and Fantasy reader since about the age of 5 (if you include the Grimm brothers, Andersen and such) and I have been writing since about the age of 9, when I wrote my first poem. Around the age of 17 I also learned how to play guitar, so I have been also writing songs ever since. I find most of my early stuff quite mundane, but I consider a lot of the writings from the past 25 years to be of much better quality. Most of my stuff has never been officially published outside of my own web-sites, the exception being a song I wrote with words provided by Shimon Peres. My first novel: Do, Re, Mi and the Big C book one of the Music, Sex and Eternity trilogy is currently available on Amazon.com as well as a lot of other electronic book outlets. The second part of this trilogy Fa, Si, La, Sol Forever is in the works and should be out by the end of the year.  I have also managed to write a lot of short stories, some of which have found their way into a few StarkLight Press anthologies. They actually selected me as one of the winners of their 4th Short Story Contest.