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Dr. Kreutzman kidnaps a couple of vampires and subjects them to inhumane experiments and extreme sadistic tortures.

He also kidnaps two young human women to use in his experiments as well as take care of housing chores.

The idea here is to turn the tables on the usually acceptable vampire / human dichotomy. Dr. K., the inhuman sadist, regains his humanity after becoming a vampire himself.

This one is quite problematic. In order to fully expound my thesis, I will need to create some extremely gory and sadistic scenarios. Considering that vampires are nearly indestructible and potentially immortal, these could lead to areas that I am not too comfortable exploring. I tell myself that things like Silence of the Lambs became quite celebrated and that TV shows like Criminal Minds are quite popular and yet, I’d rather this one wasn’t the winner.

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Time Travelers

Jimi Hendrix.jpgThis is one of the stories in the compilation. The first three items were actual news clips.

Apr 04, 2006 11:45
PHYS.ORG – Ronald Mallett, Professor at the University of Connecticut, has used Einstein’s equations to design a time machine with circulating laser beams. While his team is still looking for funding, he hopes to build and test the device in the next 10 years.

Nov 22, 2011 10:10
Daily Mail – In September, a team of physicists announced one of the most sensational results in decades after measuring a beam of neutrinos apparently traveling faster than the speed of light.
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The Pirate Lovers


It wasn’t much of a fight. The pirates’ caravel was more maneuverable than the older Spanish cog. The Spanish crew was outnumbered from the start and none of them seemed to be well trained fighters. There were actually no casualties, though three Spaniards and one of the pirates had to have some limbs amputated. Luckily for them, Captain Janusz believed that taking care of casualties was important to ship discipline. So, he had lured an Algerian Jew, with a good knowledge of medicine to join his crew. The Jew took care of the departing limbs and made sure that none of the victims bled to death. The Captain assembled the Spaniards on deck for an inspection. The cog’s storage areas hadn’t revealed any valuable cargo, and the sole passenger and her retinue didn’t have too much jewelry or personal possessions.

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The Messenger

Helmand.jpgJohn is a 5′ 11″ slim man in his late sixties with thinning gray hair. He is a professor of philosophy at Columbia University. He likes corduroy jackets with elbow patches and corduroy Fedora hats. Mary is about twenty years his junior and they had met some years previously when she was working on her economics dissertation. She is a couple of inches shorter, also a bit on the slim side, but wiry and with very tempting bosoms. They used to be lovers until the day she decided to dump him without an explanation. In the meantime she is the founder and senior partner in a very successful investment firm.

Fifteen years after they broke up, they run into each other on the street. Continue reading

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The God Story


I did see a little girl with her parents (I hope) at 2 am at a White Castle in Queens one time.

Josh A. walks into White Castle at 2 am.

There’s a 5 year old girl with her parents a few tables away. The daughter is asking her daddy to move in with them. He tells her things are complicated – something to do with his probation officer. She says something about parole, and he says it’s not the same. Josh walks over to them and addresses the parents:

“I have a hundred dollars for each of you, if you let me talk to your daughter.”

The parents look at each and the father nods agreement. The little girl is bright enough to understand.

“What’s your name” he asks

“Trudy” she replies.

“And do you know your last name?”


“O.K. Trudy Miller. I want to do something for you.” hands her a card. “Here’s my business card. Tomorrow I am going to go to my lawyer and start a trust fund for you. Your parents may think that this is a hoax, so I am going to give them my lawyer’s card. They can find out about him from the bar association. After that they can contact him and verify that everything I say is true.”

“Thank you very much.”

Her daddy jumped in:


“There is no reason. There are also no strings attached. The money will be Trudy’s to do with as she likes on her eighteenth birthday.” With that Josh got up, bid them good night and left.

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TemptAsia- effected.jpg

This one is just s title so far. I just thought it was kind of clever. Ideally, I would love to receive other authors’ submissions. Any story up to 10,000 words is acceptable, as long as it has erotic passages and it takes place at a latitude somewhere between Israel and Japan and a longitude between Siberia and Hindustan. The islands associated with Asia are also valid playgrounds. If TemptAsia  wins the vote, I will intensify my search for submissions, as well as commit to write at least 20,000 words complying with above parameters.

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So Long You Old Gravestone

Dan Lynch Bar

For Myra Levine, the day started just like any other day. Still tired after only four hours of sleep, she was in and out of the bathroom in less than ten minutes, and dressed in another five. Sticking a stethoscope into one of her coat pockets, she made her way to the emergency room.

Myra was a 5’ 4”, dark-haired, dark eyed beauty whose 120 lbs. were very nicely distributed on a somewhat unfashionable (at least in that century,) but quite athletic frame. When she wasn’t so tired, she could easily pass for twenty-five and if you ever got to look into her eyes, you could see that at heart she was a dreamer. At thirty-seven, she was a little old to be still interning, but there was only about a week to go before she could put an end to this stage of her career and concentrate on passing her fourth and final board exam.

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